My name is Jianping Lai, a physics postdoc at university of Notre Dame. My research focuses on using nuclear reactions to study nuclear structures.

My current project covers from building an all-in-one detector (active target time projection chamber, namely AT-TPC), deploying muti-channel digital data acquisition system (GET electronics) to developing data analysis code, optimizing analysis algorithm and proposing new projects. Essentially,  everything from front to end.

I obtained my PhD at Louisiana State/Sports University (LSU), with a background of studying nuclear reactions of astrophysical interest, specifically rp-process reactions related to Type 1a Supernovae, X-Ray Burst. During my PhD, I spent majority of the time building an experimental setup, including a fast ionization detector, for  nuclear astrophysics studies, at ANL, where I also finished my thesis project “A Direct Study of $$^{20}\textrm{Ne}(\alpha,\textrm{p})^{23}\textrm{Na}$$ reaction using HELIOS”.

Besides research related abilities, I have extensive interets in programming techniques, including basic Objective Oriented Programming, OpenCL (heterogenous platform computing), Machine Learning, distributed computing (Hadoop, Google cloud) and much more.


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